Monday, 3 May 2010

Not updated for a while

Sorry, I have not updated the blog lately.  But then,  I've not done a great deal at the allotment either.  I wish I'd done a bit of weeding though!!!

The weeds have really come out in force over the last week.  I've got the big ones out,  but I'm not too fussed about the little ones - they can stay as long as they don't grow too big!

I've built two cloches from water pipe and fleece and planted my cabbages and brussels sprouts in them.

I have also planted one row of King Edward potatoes.

It is nice to see some things growing well.  Especially the garlic and onions and the redcurrants.


  1. Our redcurrants have done well too - love them

  2. Those redcurrants are probably rady now for the picking. You better get to them before the birdies do. Enjoy!