Saturday, 28 November 2009

Pay Day - The Plot Gets a Treat!

Well, today was pay day. So I decided to treat the plot.

Me and Dan (who conveniently has a van) had a bit of a tour around Wickes, Homebase and The Range and came away with 40 concrete paving slabs, 1200 litres of bark chippings, 100 litres of compost, 10 bags of sand and cement, a bottle of fruit & veg food and a redcurrant plant.

We laid a base for the shed using the sand and cement and 15 slabs, laid a path down the middle of the plot, built some more path edging and laid bark for the working/beer drinking area.

The path is wonky and the shed base isn't exactly level but I'll fix timbers on top of it before the shed goes on, so it'll be ok. Besides, I quite like the rustic look - it gives it character!

I treated the raspberries to some compost, food and a new friend (the redcurrant bush).

The plot is really starting to get somewhere now!


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