Saturday, 3 April 2010

Spuds and Peas

I've been to the plot today and built a bean frame from bamboo canes. I planted some baby mange tout plants and sowed some peas.

I have planted my 1st early and 2nd early potatoes.

Westland chicken poo was on a buy-one-get-one-free offer at The Range, so I bought four 3kg boxes.  I have scattered two boxes around the plot and have saved two for later.

The rain came down like stair-rods for a while so I sheltered in the shed and made a curtain for the window from weed suppressant fabric and twine. I have left it open for the time being as my maincrop spuds are still chitting.


  1. Well done Graeme. I normally get my spuds in on Good Friday but it's been so wet here I've had to leave it.

  2. We are hoping to plant some potatoes next week.

    Just wondered about the curtain though - is it to spare the blushes of passing plotters when you are changing your wellies?

  3. No, it's to stop thieving eyes from peering in!

  4. If you come down to the Allotment Shop on a Sunday morning you can have 15kg Chicken Poop for £6 (thats if you join the Allotment Association of course where you will find a whole lot of other stuff at prices generally much cheaper than the Range or the 99p shop).